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The ompany has produced TATNEFT branded premium engine oil

November 09, 2018/ 13:29

Almetyevsk. The production of Tatneft LUXE PAO branded premium quality synthetic motor oils has been started at the factory of OOO Tatneft-NK-Oil.

The engine oil is produced on the basis of polyalphaolefins, which production has been mastered at OOO Tatneft-NK-Oil with the involvement of esters and a multifunctional additive package.

Physicochemical properties of the new product were assessed at the synthetic oils factory’s certified laboratory, as well as at the International Testing Center for Fuel and Lubricants (Moscow).

Tatneft LUXE PAO engine oil of viscosity grades SAE 0W-30, SAE 0W-40, SAE 5W-30, SAE 5W-40 is intended for use in higher-powered gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars, minibuses and pickup trucks without particulate filters. In terms of quality, it complies with API SN, ACEA A3 / B4 standards and takes into account the requirements of international automakers.

The following parameters should be mentioned among the advantages of the polyalphaolefin based synthetic engine oils:

- excellent performance in extreme weather conditions: low pour point provides high oil pumpability, easy engine start at below zero temperatures;

- thermo-oxidative stability reduces the oxidability of oil at high temperatures in the engine and reduces scale deposition;

- low evaporation reduces the frequency of topping up the oil;

- long run of oil in severe operating conditions, including the urban cycle;

- excellent detergent properties ensure the engine cleanliness.

The “Tatneft LUXE PAO” engine oil will be packaged in 1, 4, 10 and 20 liters jerricans, as well as in 216 liter eurojugs.


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