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Effective technologies of TATNEFT company

October 11, 2018/ 13:41

Almetyevsk. Professionals of the TATNEFT Company’s Well Workover and Enhanced Oil Recovery Department together with JSC “ELAZ” have developed an integrated coiled tubing installation with a portal-structure mast.

The unit has been designed to carry out a set of operations without pulling out the production tubing, such as bottom-hole zone treatment, cleaning the tubing string, well testing and completion, and others with the least time expenditure. The unit is semi-trailer mounted, which allows reducing the cost of logistics and repair.

The technology has been tested at the Company's oil fields and received positive feedback from professionals. The maintenance outage duration has decreased by 30 percent versus traditional approaches.

According to the results of testing the installation at TATNEFT, the unit has been recognized as one of the best Company’s practices, has proven its worthiness and has been recommended for replication at all NGDUs. A decision has also been made on technical re-equipment and increasing the fleet number of the similar type of units this by one third.

This installation has become the laureate and diploma winner of the contest “The Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan” in 2018 in the nomination “Industrial-Technical Products”.


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