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SS Zvezda to supply Gazprom with four vessels for offshore operations

October 09, 2018/ 09:31

Moscow. Gazprom and the Zvezda Shipbuilding Complex (SS Zvezda) signed in St. Petersburg the construction contracts for four vessels. The signing took place at the Offshore Marintec Russia 2018 International Specialized Exhibition and Conference showcasing the shipbuilding industry and high-tech equipment for exploration operations in the Arctic and the continental shelf.

The documents provide for the construction of three supply vessels, which will be used for towing operations, anchor handling and cargo delivery to production and drilling platforms, and one passenger vessel for platform crews. The completion deadlines are 2021–2024. Gazprom Flot, a specialized subsidiary of Gazprom, acts as the contract owner on behalf of the Company.

The construction documentation was drawn up by Russian design contractors with due consideration for up-to-date requirements, providing for the maximum possible use of domestic components, equipment and materials.

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