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Scientists surprised to see Arctic seas high productivity

September 17, 2018/ 12:26

Murmansk. Scientists were surprised to see the unexpectedly high productivity of the Arctic seas. This was announced at a press conference, scientific leader of the expedition "the Open Ocean: the archipelagos of the Arctic" Maria Gavrilo.

"We were surprised to see the waters are very productive there," she said, telling reporters about the expedition, which had just returned from Franz Josef Land.

The scientists took water samples from upper layers. The samples were full of algae, plankton, and caviar. The most unusual thing they saw was algae, which bloomed in September, although its blooming season was believed to finish in mid-summer.

Expert say, this finding means fish and shellfish have guaranteed good food base. In addition, the scientists discovered four walrus rookeries, which had not been registered previously, reports TASS.

This annual expedition lasted for three months in 2018. The studies began in waters of the Murmansk Region, and then the crew researched the Semiostrovie natural reserve, Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land.

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