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Experts: Youth and local expertise will help Yamals new governor

September 11, 2018/ 10:01


Salekhard. 30 year-old Dmitry Artyukhov, whom on Sunday the regional parliament elected the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region’s governor, is Russia’s youngest regional head. Experts told TASS his youth and local expertise will help the newly elected governor in his work.

"His youth in this case is only an advantage, as due to it he will manage to do more, and the combination of his youth and professional skills gives a very good effect," Director of the Foundation for Civil Society Development’s Urals Branch Anatoly Gagarin told TASS.

Artyukhov "knows the region very well," the expert continued.

"He has a big experience in working at regional management structures, he demonstrated himself very positively during the pre-election period, when he was the acting governor, and this is why there were no other candidates, who could compete with him," he said. "I believe, everyone will feel his working mood, his readiness to continue what Kobylkin (the region’s former governor, presently Russia’s Minister of Natural Resources) has begun."

According to the Petersburg Politics Foundation’s Chairman Leonid Davydov, Yamal’s governor was an obvious leader in the election rush.

"Apparently, every age has drawbacks and advantages," he said. "He will be learning what he does not know, but he has the energy… Most likely, he will continue what he has begun; certain changes will happen, though I do not think they will be major."

Yamal’s first Governor, who managed the region between 1994 and 2010, Yuri Neyelov, named the new governor’s "two great advantages."

"First of all, he was born and grew up on Yamal, this is most important, and secondly - he is young, and the young age has never been a drawback, only an advantage," he said. "All the rest will come."

The Tyumen Region’s Acting Governor (at the time of this interview) Alexander Moor stressed he can feel "Artyukhov is like-minded."

"Our relations of partners and good neighbors with Yamal are very important… I can feel he (Artyukhov) is like-minded, he is a young, energetic, focused, strong-willed, well-educated person," he told reporters. "He understands clearly the region’s priorities, he is a follower of Yamal's management school, which has been well-known in this country, and this is why I believe Dmitry has good future."
About priorities of Yamal’s new governor

During the election campaign, Artyukhov presented five key priorities in the Arctic region’s development, namely: new jobs and growing well-being, improvement of housing conditions and renovation of the northern cities and villages, organization of new social infrastructures, good transport infrastructures, as well as caring for the ecology, preservation of the indigenous peoples’ culture and traditions.

According to him, Yamal’s industrial progress has continued for a long time ahead of the social development, thus the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region will focus on new social facilities - schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, arts schools and libraries.

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