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Putin congratulates oil and gas industry workers with professional holiday

September 03, 2018/ 10:07

Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated oil and gas industry workers with their professional holiday on Sunday, noting its special role in the country’s history.

"The oil and gas complex has always played a special, strategic role in the country’s history, in boosting the national economy, in the development of regions and creation of major industrial centers. Due to your predecessors’ strenuous efforts and hard work, competence and responsible approach to their craft, Russia has been one of the world’s leading hydrocarbons producer, and it makes a huge contribution to ensuring global energy security," the Russian president’s congratulatory message says.

"It is important that today, the industry is on the rise, it is growing its potential and opening new opportunities for the development of LNG (liquefied natural gas - TASS), transportation of crude products within their countries and to prospective foreign areas," Putin added. "This is proven by the scale of current projects, which achieve unique goals from a technological viewpoint, including developing offshore shelfs and the Arctic," he concluded.

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