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Rostec develops mobile LNG-fired power plants for remote regions

July 12, 2018/ 12:29

Ekaterinburg. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) fired mobile power plants developed by Rostec can provide up to 400 kW of electric power for remote and hard-to-reach settlements, supplying electricity and gas for residents, a representative of the state-owned corporation told TASS on Wednesday.

The plant was presented at the Innoprom-2018 exhibition. "The price of such unit is about 15 mln rubles ($241,000). Speaking the about remote regions of Russia, this amount is often much lower than the cost of laying gas and power networks. Generated electric power at the same time will be cheaper than produced by mobile plants using oil products as fuel," the source said.

"The mobile power plant was developed on the basis of the gas reciprocating unit of the Russian make and can provide up to 1.4 MW of electric power. The LNG power plant has no counterparts in Russia and can provide electricity, gas, or both resources to consumers," he added.

Each LNG-fired mobile power plant can provide electric power for a small settlement of about 30-40 houses during one month, the representative said. "As distinct from traditional mobile power plants using oil products as fuel, units using liquefied natural gas are more efficient, eco-friendly and safe," Rostec says.

The first lot of power plants will be available in 2019. The demand for such plants, according to expert estimates, is over 3,000 units.


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