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Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery shipped the first aviation fuel consignment

July 10, 2018/ 10:36

Astana. Pavlodar Oil Chemistry Refinery LLP resumes mass production of aviation fuel and from the second decade of July begins its shipment to consumers, BNewws.kz reports with a reference to a press service of the enterprise.

The first shipment will include 5 000 tons of aviation fuel, about 80 tank-wagons. 

Aviation fuel is produced with the use of the kerosene hydro refinement installment of oil primary processing at the Pavlodar Oil Refinery, that had full reconstruction in the period of the plant’s modernization. Here refinement of raw materials from sulphur, nitrogen, oxygen-containing compounds is conducted, including removing mercaptans with the aim to reach the required fuel indication for jet engines.   

“Aviation fuel produced in the Pavlodar Oil Refinery fully meets the international norms, even exceeding them following some indications. So, the fuel has a ultra-low content of Sulphur, as well as good anti-wear features, high chemical and thermal-oxidative stability. Such quality features are maintained due to compliance with the technological mode. RT jet fuel is produced with hydro-refinement of straight-run kerosene fractions with a boiling point of 135-280 oC under the average pressure of 25 kgf/cm2 in connection with the use of a modern nickel and molybdenum catalyzer that has a high level of activity,” says a press service of the plant.

The act on production the RT fuel for jet engines, as well as the approved technology for its production, the plant received from JSC All Russian Scientific-Research Institute for Petroleum Processing. Test were conducted by specialists of such companies as Haldor Topsoe and JSC Severodonetskiy ORGCHIM. As a result of the tests, the product with the required features was received.

On June 2018 JSC National Expertise and Certification Centre registered a declaration on correspondence of the fuel produced in the Pavlodar Oil Refinery to the requirements of the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union 013/2011.

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