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Iranian oil minister slams Trump's "Order" to OPEC members as "Great Insult"

July 09, 2018/ 08:02

Tehran. The statement comes after the US president announced on Twitter that the Saudi King allegedly agreed in a phone conversation to boost oil output.

Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanghaneh has lashed out at US President Donald Trump's "order," calling on OPEC members to increase oil production, as a "great insult to those governments and nations."

"Mr Trump sends every day a new message that creates uncertainty in the market," the official told Iranian TV.

He added, however, that Iranian oil production had not changed as a result of Washington's pressure.

The statement apparently comes in response to a tweet by Trump on June 30, saying that he asked Saudi King Salman to increase his country's oil production "maybe up to 2 million barrels" amid high energy prices. While the US president claimed that Riyadh agreed with his offer, the White House amended its statement on the phone conversation with the Saudi King a day later, saying that the Gulf Kingdom assured Washington of its ability to use oil production reserves to stabilize the market, informs Sputnik.

The announcement immediately prompted a response from Tehran, with Iran’s OPEC governor Hossein Kazempour Ardebili saying that Trump's request amounts to a call for exiting OPEC. In addition to this, the Iranian oil minister sent a letter to the OPEC(Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) president in which he asked him to prevent an increase in oil output by some OPEC members without reaching a consensus.


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