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Russian scientists begin soil pollution research on Yamal

June 27, 2018/ 14:20

Moscow.  A group of Russian scientists received a grant from the Russian Fund for Fundamental Studies to analyze soil pollution in all cities and towns in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. The project will last for three years, an expert of the Scientific Center for the Arctic Studies Roman Kolesnikov told TASS.

"Presently, there are certain problems with thorough analysis of the soils there, there are gaps in information about dynamics of changing agricultural landscape, and about sources of the soil’s poly-chemical pollution," he said. "Thus, this project is important and timely for the region."

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"The studies will cover all cities and towns, like Kharsaim, Aksarka, Novy Port, Yar-Sale," he added.

During the project, scientists will analyze pollution stages in Yamal’s cities and towns.

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