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Court seizes Dutch assets of Gazprom worth $2.6 bln upholding Naftogaz petition

June 05, 2018/ 11:27

Moscow. The Stockholm Arbitration Court has upheld the petition of Naftogaz of Ukraine demanding to seize the shares of Gazprom in its Dutch subsidiaries and the debt of these subsidiaries, Naftogaz said in a press release.

Naftogaz notes that the petitions were filed to secure its right to receive from Gazprom $2.6 billion under the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, adopted in February 2018.

"The Dutch court upheld these petitions, but six of the seven subsidiaries of Gazprom in the Netherlands refused to cooperate with judicial executors," according to the press release.

At the same time, the Ukrainian company notes that this "does not affect the seizure."

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