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Gasoline Consumption Up 8 Percent

May 24, 2018/ 14:36

Tehran. Gasoline consumption in the second calendar month that ended on May 21 reached an average of 84.7 million liters per day, data released by the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company show.  

The figure indicates an 8.2% increase compared with the corresponding figure of last year (78.2 ml/d), ISNA reported.  

Reportedly, domestic consumption of the fuel hit 100.1 million liters on May 3, the highest level in a single day so far this year.

The country’s use of the strategic fuel so far this year (March 21- May 21) averaged 85.9 million liters per day, indicating a 9.4% hike compared with that of last year (78.5 ml/d). This is while the country's gasoline output roughly reaches 70 million liters per day.

The number is set to reach 105 million liters per day in March 2019 upon the completion of Persian Gulf Star Refinery, Iran's biggest refinery in the southern city of Bandar Abbas.

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