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SOCAR reduces emissions of carbon dioxide from its projects

April 19, 2018/ 11:16

Baku. Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR last year cut emissions of carbon dioxide from its projects to 5.891 million metric tons equivalent, Natural Gas World reported citing SOCAR. This is down by 45 percent from 2010, according to the report.

“The major greenhouse gas emissions in its projects are CH4, CO2 and NO2. According to the environment ministry, the country as a whole emits 51 million metric tons per year, excluding land use, land-use change, and forestry (LULUCF), which is down by about 30 percent from 1990. Azerbaijan is hoping to raise this to 35 percent reduction by 2030 as its contribution to the global climate change efforts,” said the message.

SOCAR emissions from gas flaring stand at 0.3 million cubic meters per thousand barrels of oil equivalent per year, which is the lowest among the top ten oil exporters in the EU, said the report.

Large volumes of carbon dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of flaring associated gas, reports Trend.

Experts estimate that 140 billion cubic meters of associated gas is flared annually in oil fields around the world, emitting more than 300 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is equivalent to exhaust emissions from about 77 million cars.

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