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Turkmenistan invited Azerbaijan to participate in TAPI project

March 16, 2018/ 13:01

Baku. Turkmenistan is inviting Azerbaijan to cooperate as part of the TAPI project, Turkmen Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mekan Ishanguliyev said at a briefing in Baku.

He said that this project will contribute to the social and economic development of the region, informs Trend.

The total length of the TAPI gas pipeline will be 1,840 kilometers. Construction of the Turkmen section of the TAPI gas pipeline began in December 2015.

Construction of the Afghan section of the TAPI gas pipeline started Feb. 23, 2018. The pipeline is scheduled to run along the Kandahar-Herat Highway in western Afghanistan, and further through the cities of Quetta and Multan in Pakistan. The pipeline’s route will end in the Indian city of Fazilka.

A 205-kilometer section of the pipeline will run through Turkmenistan, an 816-kilometer section will run through Afghanistan and an 819-kilometer section will go through Pakistan.

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