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Indian company interested in Belarusian oil recovery enhancement methods

March 06, 2018/ 15:01

Minsk. The Indian company Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) is interested in Belarusian oil recovery enhancement methods, BelTA learned from representatives of the Belarusian oil industry corporation Belorusneft.

Belorusneft-ONGC cooperation opportunities were discussed as a delegation of the Belarusian company visited India. ONGC is India's largest oil and gas corporation, which accounts for about 70% of extraction in the country. It participates in the surveying and consequent development of hydrocarbon deposits in 26 sedimentary basins in India. ONGC is also viewed as India's leading power engineering company.

During the negotiations Belorusneft representatives presented the Belarusian company's R&D potential. The Indian side was first of all interested in the cyclical injection and extraction technology for the purpose of maintaining geostatic pressure, the assimilation of water-alternated-gas injection technologies and water suppression. ONGC specialists will make up their minds after profoundly studying Belarusian practices in order to determine the most suitable solutions to their manufacturing tasks.

Belorusneft is busy implementing a project to rehabilitate the Chabua brownfield in India by providing a set of high-technology engineering services to Oil India. Specialists of the oil industry research institute BelNIPIneft, which is Belorusneft's R&D division, are taking part in the project. The purpose of the project is to determine a strategy for developing the brownfield in order to restore extraction and recover as much of the remaining oil as possible. A similar contract was fulfilled in 2017 in the Digboi oil field, which is one of the world's oldest oil fields and Asia's first oil field.

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