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Quarter of Saudi Arabias energy use goes on road transport, figures reveal

March 05/ 12:46

Riyadh. Soaring fuel consumption on Saudi Arabia’s roads has alarmed the Kingdom’s Program for Energy Efficiency, which blames poor performing cars for the problem.

Cars in the Kingdom average 13 kilometers per liter compared with 14 in the US, 15.2 in China and 20 in Europe, according to Ministry of Transport figures, informs Eye of Riyadh.

The statistics show road transport is responsible for almost a quarter of Saudi Arabia’s energy use, with 22 percent of energy use in the Kingdom directed at the transport sector, 90 percent of which goes on land transport.

About 910,000 barrels of fuel and diesel are consumed daily by 12 million vehicles, according to the Ministry of Transport statistics. By 2030, the number of vehicles is expected to reach 26 million, and daily consumption of fuel and diesel will be around 1.86 million barrels per day.
More than 80,000 kilometers of roads are being built to satisfy growing demand.

The National Center for Energy Efficiency has launched a five-week campaign (#to remain) to raise awareness of energy conservation. The campaign, under the umbrella of the Saudi Program for Energy Efficiency, will consider ways of reducing energy use without affecting living standards.

The Saudi Program for Energy Efficiency has been working with international car manufacturers for several years to improve fuel economy in imported vehicles.

Efficiency standards are expected to improve by 4 percent each year to reach 19 kilometers per liter by 2025.

A total of 78 manufacturers representing 99.7 percent of cars sales in the Kingdom will apply the Saudi “mileage economy standard.”
Improvements are expected to save at least 300,000 barrels of fuel and diesel each day by 2030.

Rapid population growth is also driving energy use in the Kingdom. Saudi Arabia’s current population is around 30 million with an annual growth rate of 2.7 percent. Economic and social development over the next decade will ensure further population increases.

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