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19.861 mln tons of oil produced in KhMAD in December, 235.28 mln tons is produced as of the year end

January 16, 2018/ 07:21

Khanty-Mansiisk. In December 19.861 mln tons of oil were produced in KhMAD. The indicator is 0.508 mln tons less than in November according to the estimations of the Oil and Gas Information Agency.

The average daily production decreased by 4.4 thousand tons  and amounted to 640.7  thousand tons.

Drilling also reduced in December. In November subsoil users drilled 1527.588 km, while in December 49.722 km less, that is 1477.866 thousand meters.

453 new wells were put into operation, 6 wells more than last month, according to V.I.Shpilman Center for Sustainable Mining. 

The Center also reports that the production level reached 20.146 mln tons in December. Oil and Gas Information Agency estimates that the total of 235.28 mln tons of oil have been produced in KhMAD during the year 2017. Note that the region had expected to produced 234 mln tons.

Seven new fields were put on-stream in 2017. In January the I.N.Logachev oilfield (operated by Surgutneftegaz) and East Ikilorskoe (operated by LUKOIL), in March – the Otdelnoe (Gazpromneft), in July – the Sakhalinskoe (operated by Surgutneftegaz), the Kuzovatkinskoe (Rosneft), in September – the South Konitlorskoe (operated by Surgutneftegaz), in October – the IA Filipenko (operated by Surgutneftegaz) came on-stream in KhMAD.

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