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ROSGEO will study the Tomsk potentially oil bearing area

December 07, 2017/ 09:43

Moscow. ROSGEO will perform complex airborne geophysical studies of the Tomsk potentially oil bearing area for the purpose of prediction of oil and gas occurrence and expanding the hydrocarbon resource base. The underlying state contract was signed between the holding and the Central Siberian District Department of Subsoil Resource Management. The exploration survey will be funded from the federal budget.

Geologists will study the tectonic and structural and compositional features of the pre-Jurassic basement structure and sedimentary cover, identify areas promising to discover hydrocarbon accumulations.

The area is located in the Tomsk Region. The area is 161,818 km2. The depth of the study is 4 km. The target interval of the survey is 2.5-3.5 km.

The specialists will collect, summarize, systematize and analyze the historical geological and geophysical materials for the area, process and interpret the logging data for 400 wells, and also for 8.5 thousand linear kilometers of the CDP seismic reflection surveys. Electrical survey (100 linear km), complex aeromagnetic, aero-gamma spectrometry and airborne electromagnetic surveys at a scale of 1:100,000 (40,000 linear km) will be carried out.

 Afterwards, an evaluation of the resources by the Dl category will be done, a forecast for hydrocarbon accumulation zones (the volumes of natural reservoirs, the collector characteristic, the types of raw materials) will be given, an assessment of the hydrocarbon bearing prospects will be presented, and the areas with the greatest potential for oil and gas prospecting will be identified. As a result, recommendations on further exploration within the territory will be submitted.

The project is scheduled for completion by late 2019.

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