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LUKOIL wins in yearly contest of annual reports

November 22, 2017/ 15:48

Moscow. LUKOIL emerged the winner of the 20th yearly contest of annual reports held by the Moscow Stock Exchange and the Securities Market media group.

LUKOIL's annual report for 2016 was rated the best in three most prestigious categories: as the best annual report of a company with a capitalization over 200 billion rubles, as the best annual report of the oil and gas industry, and as the annual report with the best design and the best concept. The company's sustainability report for 2015 – 2016 was given a prize in the corporate social responsibility and sustainability category.

LUKOIL's corporate reports serve as a critical tool of communication with stakeholders. When developing a corporate report, the company maintains the highest disclosure standards, follows the legal requirements and provides a detailed description of the most important actions it takes, including those related to social responsibility and corporate governance.

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