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Rosneft expands cooperation with Motor Oil Hellas

November 20, 2017/ 10:55

Moskow. Rosneft, Petrocas Energy (Rosneft's Group subsidiary) and Motor Oil Hellas Corinth Refineries signed a three-lateral agreement about intentions in the crude and oil product supply. 

The document defines the intentions of parties for arrangement of the mutual supplies of feedstock and oil products during the next 5 years and implies potential possibility of increasing of these volumes to 7.5 mtpa.

The signed agreement brings the cooperation with Greek partners to a new level and sets a foundation for stable and long-term relations in the field of supply of crude and other feedstock for Greek refineries. The document will also enable Rosneft to independently sell oil products produced at the refineries of Motor Oil Hellas for trading using facilities of  Petrocas Energy.

Implementation of the conditions of the signed agreement will increase the cost-effectiveness of Rosneft oil and oil products marketing, at the same time, allowing the partner to offer flexible supply framework.

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