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85% of DYNAenergetics Siberia operations will be done locally by 2018

September 21, 2017/ 14:46

Tyumen. In 2018 85% of DYNAenergetics Siberia operations will be done locally, according to the statement made by Ivan Grivs,  DYNAenergetics president at Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum.  

“DYNAenergetics has been closely connected with Tyumen region for a long time. Back in 1997 we started selling our products to the region. In 2004 we created a joint venture, in 2012 we decided to invest into the region and construct new facilities from the scratch. The first line producing perforators and their spare parts started to work in 2014, and the second line producing cumulative charges was put into operation two years later. The charges are designed in Germany, but are made in Russia, using Russian parts. Experts say that the charges made in Siberia are better than those made in other places in Russia and the US, which makes our team proud”, explained Mr. Grivs.

Currently the German brand DYNAWELL is getting localized by DYNAenegetics Siberia and by 2018 local operations will have reached 85%. “Thus we’ll be able to call ourselves a domestic producer”, said the head of the company and added that the company is ready to continue investing into the personnel, process and technologies.

During Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum  DYNAenegetics company made a partnership agreement with the government of Tyumen region. According to the deputy governor Vadim Shumkov it concerns the development of the project in the region, particularly the possible construction of new facilities. 

DYNAenergetics is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing perforation systems and associated equipment used in the oil and gas fields. The company has plants in Germany and the US, exporting the products to over 40 countries around the world.

It is planned that Tyumen facility will produce  special detonating fuses. The total investment into the facility construction amounted to over a billion Rubles.

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