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Rosneft and Lamor Corporation agree to set up a joint venture in Russia

September 08, 2017/ 13:26

Moscow. 82 Ship Repair Plant, a company of Rosneft group, and Lamor Corporation Ab signed a joint venture agreement.
Rosneft and Lamor agreed to create a joint venture forproduction of oil spill response equipment including equipment  in Murmansk on the basis of 82 Ship Repair Plant.

 It is planned to  reach at least 70% equipment localization level within the joint venture by 2025.  

The agreements reached will enable Rosneft to ensure technical designing and manufacturing in Russia of innovational products for maintaining safety of Company's projects. Additionally joint work with Lamor which is an expert in the production of oil spill response equipment will allow for introduction advanced methods of training of Russian specialists for application and maintenance of this equipment.

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