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Gazprom intends to supply its own gas via Power of Siberia pipeline

August 31, 2017/ 11:15

Moscow. Gazprom intends to supply only its own gas to China via Power of Siberia pipeline, not from third-party producers. The representative of the Russian gas holding said during a conference call.

"We are confident that by the contractual date the pipeline will be commissioned and the necessary volumes of our own gas will be provided. We are not talking about third-party gas suppliers," the company’s representative said.

Currently, Gazprom is building Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which would be used to transport gas from gas from the fields of Eastern Siberia to the domestic Russian market and for export to China.

In 2014, Gazprom signed an agreement with CNPC to supply 38 bln cubic meters of gas to China via the Power of Siberia for 30 years. The contract totaled $400 bln. The gas supplies to China in accordance with the agreement should begin on December 29, 2019, informs TASS.

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