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Russian authorities won't allow gasoline producers and sellers to inflate prices

July 17, 2017/ 12:11

Gubkin. The Russian government will prevent gasoline producers and sellers from driving prices up but will not artificially understate them because it is harmful for the national economy. President Vladimir Putin said on Friday.

"By no means should producers, sellers and intermediaries be allowed to inflate prices. It is absolutely obvious they [prices - TASS] should be economically feasible," the president said.

"However, artificial understatement of them is also unreasonable and even ultimately harmful for the economy at large," Putin said.

At the same time, Russian authorities endeavor to keep prices lower for certain consumers in specific seasons, like for agricultural producers during sowing and harvesting campaigns, the president said. "The government is developing the whole range of mechanisms for support and agreements with producers, intermediaries and sellers. We generally succeed in doing that, informs Tass. We will gradually meet demands of consumers and interests of producers in such way," Putin added.

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